Hall & Room Lettings 

We have four halls/rooms available for letting. All rooms are accessible with separate entrances for downstairs and upstairs but note that ramp to upper floor is rather steep and an extension ramp needs to be put out to overcome small step at pavement. There is a staircase between floors.

There are kitchens on both floors equipped with refrigerators, microwave ovens, gas rings (upstairs), electric hob (downstairs) and sinks.

There is an accessible toilet and separate men’s toilets in the lower entrance lobby. Ladies toilets are just off the main hall; they include toilets for children.

Additional facilities upstairs include an adapted toilet next to the church office.

The rooms are available for hire at an hourly rate on Monday to Saturday between 8:30am and 10pm. Children’s parties are given priority for use of the main hall (downstairs) on Saturdays. 

These charges apply to new lettings from 1st January 2020 to  31st December 2021. Lower rates are available for non-profit groups.

Upper floor

Church hall

church hall 1

church hall 2

140m2. Seating for up to 100 people at 1m spacing. £27.30 per hour.

John Aston Room
John Aston 1

John Aston 2

50m2. Seating for up to 30 people at 1m spacing. £17.85 per hour

Both rooms can be combined 220m2. £36.75 per hour.

Lower floor

Large hall
Large hall 1

Large hall 2

100m2. Seating for up to 50 people at 1m spacing. £31.50 per hour.

Blair Greaves Room



45m2. Seating for up to 20 people at 1m spacing. £15.75 per hour.

Full letting agreement can be viewed here.

Please contact us to enquire about availability.

Gerry Stanton, 15/01/2020