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Mondays 10am to 12:30pm

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Infant Class: Newborns - Crawlers
Our Infant classes offer an insight into baby development to increase your confidence and understanding of your growing baby. All our fun activities are suitable from birth with the exercises progressing as your baby grows. We cover a wide range of activities for you and your little one to do together: Dance, Sing, Sign Language, Bonding & Attachment building games, Language Development, Learning, Massage, Yoga, Tummy Time, Social Baby and More!

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Toddler Class: Walkers - 3yrs.
These classes are so much fun and active, with a great emphasis on cognitive and motor skills. Activities support increased independence and emotional understanding, building the confidence and skills they will need for later learning. Sing, Sign, Dance, Language Development, Imagination Play, Speech Development, Learning, Stretching, Memory Games and more! Each week is a new adventure of discovery and play!

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For more information see our website or call Stacy on 07472880060 .
Gerry Stanton, 24/03/2021